Tourism in Antalya

The study was started with a baseline study on the subject and field of study. All the studies about the region and the subject by the official and private institutions have been examined in detail as well as the related scientific publications (books, papers, papers and theses). Then to monitor, Antalya achieve the tourism activities in a variety of the process from day-museum from the beginning of statistics, but-with the car, Culture and including the Turkey Statistics Kurumuba˛ with the Ministry of Tourism Governorship of Antalya, Antalya Metropolitan Belem I-ate, the Provincial Tourism Directorate of Culture and I birÁokk connected to these institutions and First hand data is provided from people.

In order to examine the impact of tourism activities on the city and to enable modeling development, more than 30 geographic surveys, researches, examinations and interviews were conducted between February 2015 and January 2018. Interviews were conducted with one-to-one interviews and interviews were conducted with city groups, municipal councils, associations and foundations, as well as semi-structured and open-ended questions. These interviews were carried out in 5 central districts in order to obtain detailed information about the whole city. îMaximum Diversity Samplingî, «e˛it Sampling Sampling un, îSnow Ball Samplingì and er Typical and