Aspendos Antique Theater

The most important structure of Aspendos is its theater. It is an open-air theater that has been best preserved among the ancient theaters. This theater is the oldest and strongest example of the Roman Theater in Anatolia. The architect is Zenon, the son of Theodorus of Aspendos. It was built in the time of Antonius Piu (138-164). The theater was presented to the emperor family with the local gods of the city. Aspendos is visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year and was used for concerts and activities until a few years ago. And the Aspendos Antique Theater has a little story. This theater was performed by Zenon for the daughter of the king Semiramida. In short, they fall in love with the two great master king's daughters and go to ask the king. The king says that the two masters are the most valuable to them, so you should choose the people who do what is most necessary for the people. They both do their best. Zenon does theater. The other brings water to the city from mountains to the city. Then the king decides to divide the girl in half. But Zenon loves her daughter so strong that he can't let him die and renounces his own half. Seeing the sacrifice of the king's daughter Semiramidayi, Anfi Theater gives architectural Zenona. Ministry of Urology and the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and museums. In 2014, the Council of Ministers The Aspendos excavation, which became a stable excavation, does not only understand the history and development of the city, but also carries out studies in the field of os cultural heritage management 201.


For Turkey the management of new, but extremely necessary an area of ​​cultural heritage, one of the first projects in Turkey, Aspendos, Sustainable Development and Spatial Management Project, as British joint project of the Institute of Archeology and Hacettepe University, British foundation Headley 2013 with the Trust's financial support Started in January.