The basilical plan used in churches until that time, and the Hagia Sophia, which points to the efforts to unite the central plan, is obviously being fed by the local architectural elements of Anatolia. First of all, architects from Anatolia. Columns used in construction, column headings, many of the marbles are also materials from the ancient structures in Anatolia. Among the structures to which the columns belong, there is the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world.

Hagia Sophia Museum (Ottoman Period) When Istanbul was captured by the Ottomans, Ayasofya was not harmed and Turkish architects, including Mimar Sinan, exhibited all their skills in order to survive. Mimar Sinan is the person who has the most important share in reaching the present. It has strengthened the structure that is continuously opened and collapsing due to the weight of the dome and the retaining walls added to the edges of the building.