Tourism in Bodrum

Bodrum, the largest district of Mula, has a population of 152,440. In the summer months, with a population of over 700 thousand, it becomes one of the most crowded holiday centers in the country. The city took its name from the devotion of Jesus to one of the twelve apostles, St. Peter. The city, named as m˝˛ Petrium ˝n, has survived to the present day as petrum, potrum and Bodrum. Bodrum is a city that has hosted numerous civilizations that have bridged between past and future for 5000 years. Known as tan Halicarnassus m in ancient times, Bodrum has witnessed the struggles for it throughout its history. Homer's sadece a country of eternal blues turizm in the Iliad and Odysseia of the ancient Greek epics is a tourism center not only for its sunny beaches, blue tours and famous nightlife, but also for cultural tourism. Built on a peninsula, Bodrum is famous for its narrow streets, amphitheater, windmills and white painted houses.

You can have a pleasant holiday by walking in the narrow streets of Bodrum which has the means to meet the tourists from every income level and swimming in the clear blue sea. Turkey's most cosmopolitan and sophisticated city, one of the fun in this resort full of flamboyant nightlife and music are available. Bodrum township: Bitez, Gˆlt¸rkb¸k¸, G¸m¸˛l¸k, G¸ndoan, Konac˝k, Mumcular, Ortakent, Yah˛i, Turgutreis, Yal˝, Yal˝kavak Villages of Bodrum: Akyarlar, BahÁeyakas˝, «aml˝k, «ˆmlekÁi, Dabelen, Derekˆy, Gˆkp˝nar, G¸rece, G¸vercinlik, Islamhaneleri, Kemer, Kumkˆy, Maz˝kˆy, Peksimet, P˝narl˝belen, Tepecik, Sazkˆy, Yakakˆy, Yenikˆy Travel around Bodrum Castle Bodrum Castle in the center of Bodrum is an activity that will take half a day.