Tourism in Fethiye

BUTTERFLY VALLEY It is named after billions of butterflies in the rock and pine valley, which has a natural degree of SIT in the 1st degree and is closed to all kinds of constructions. Transportation to the valley is provided by boats departing from the beach in ÷l¸deniz. BODRUM ANCIENT THEATER Bodrum Theater is one of the most beautiful monumental works of classical age. The Antique Theater in Bodrum, in the center of Bodrum, on the Bodrum-Turgutreis road, is one of the most important historical monuments dating from the Hellenistic period and Halikarnassos in Bodrum. The ancient theater, which has 53 rows and 13,000 people capacity, consists of three main sections: Skene (stage building), Orchestra (half round) and Kavea (seating levels). In 1973 it was organized as an open-air museum.

BODRUM CASTLE It was built between two ports, on a rocky peninsula by the Knights of Saint Jean between 1406-1522. The castle has French, Italian, English, German and Spanish towers. The highest point is the French tower at a height of 47.50 meters. After the island of Rhodes was taken in 1522 by the Turks, the knights left in 1523. The castle, which was used as a prison since 1895, was abandoned by the bombings of the French and British during World War I. The castle is located in Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology. It is one of the most important underwater archeology museums in the world.