Ihlara Valley

Y˝lanl˝ Church The Serpentine Church was named after the four sinful nude women depicted by 8 serpents depicted on the western wall. The pictures are quite evident, but the crime of the first woman attacked by the snakes is unfortunately not understood because the inscription was destroyed. According to some sources, a woman who leaves her child, so the snakes bite her all over. In the description of the snakes, the second woman does not breastfeed her child's chest, the third woman to lie because of the language, the fourth woman is not listening to the ear is biting in his ear. Again on the same wall, the i Last Judgment eh scene also includes the portrait of the 24 saints and 40 Martyrs from Sivas. Other freks depictions are Introduction to Jerusalem, Resurrection of Lazarus, Hz. Mary's family includes scenes of Yohakim and Anna and Mary's death and burial. Saints; Zechariah, Elijah, David and Solomon prophets beside the Prophet. There are a lot of freks that begin with Jesus' childhood and reflect what is told in the Bible.

Kokar Church One of the oldest churches of the valley dating back to the 9th century, Kokar Church managed to survive until the present day. The cross-planned church can be accessed from the apse covered with frescoes. The one-nave, single-storey, barrel-vaulted church was enlarged further in the Byzantine period. There are two burial chambers inside and the decorations of these rooms were the first in terms of red paint. The most dominant color in the church freks used gray. The topics are very broad. In the middle of the church the vault is the Hz. A big cross with an emphasis on Jesus is depicted. In the square frame inside the cross, a ëhand symbol rik with a triple consecration sign is used and its surroundings are decorated with geometric shapes. Scenes depicted in church frescoes; The Last Supper, the Gospel of Jesus' Birth, Baptism, Three Myths, Crucifixion, Ascension, Judgment Day, Escape to Egypt, Duties of the Apostles, Going to Jerusalem. The integrity of the subject in the scenes is considered and pictured like a story follows.