Tourism İn İstanbul

Hekimolu Ali Pasha Mosque and Complex: It was built in 1734 by Ali Pasha, the son of Sultan Muhammad Muhammad and the son of Sultan Muhammad Muhammad in the Davutpasa district. The complex consists of a library, a lodge, a shrine, a fountain and a fountain. The era is decorated with beautiful tiles. In 1830, she was treated to premonition. Cerrahpa˛a Mosque and Complex: It was built in 1593 by Mehmed Pasha while he was a palace surgeon in Cerrahpa˛a district. M‚m‚r˝ D‚v˚d Aa‚d˝r. Mosque, madrasah, mausoleum, bath, the complex consisting of fountains have not reached the present day. Between 1958 and 1960, he saw the crown. Amcazade H¸seyin Pasha Mosque and Complex: It was built by Amcazade H¸seyin Pasha at the beginning of F‚tihíte SaraÁh‚ne. The complex consists of mosque, medrese, library, fountain and shops. It is one of the examples of the complexes in which the madrasa gained importance. All structures are enclosed in a courtyard wall. Zal Mahmud Pasha Mosque and Complex: The mosque was built by Zal Mahmud Pasha and his wife Shah Sultan from the viziers in the middle of 16th century. The mosque is a small complex consisting of two madrasahs, a tomb and a fountain. His plan is varied and interesting.

Koca Mustafa Pasha Mosque and Complex: It is in Cerrahpa˛a district. It was founded by Koca Mustafa Pasha, the grand vizier of Sultan Second B‚yezÓd, by turning Haghios Andreas Church into mosque. EkmekÁiz‚de Ahmed Pasha has made the additions. The complex consists of a mosque, a mosque, a dervish lodge, a fountain, a madrasa and a reconstruction. Mihrimah Sultan Mosque and Complex: İsk¸d‚r scaffolding square. It is also called Iskele Mosque. Kairian Sultan Suleiman Khan's daughter Mihrimah Sultan was built by Sinmar. The complex; mosque, madrasa, school, school, bath, caravanserai, warehouse, muvakkith‚ne, fountain and tomb occurs. Of these, the mosque, tomb, madrasah, primary school, fountain and baths are intact. Medrese, health center; The primary school is used as a children's library.