Iztuzu Beach (Dalyan)

Suat Tufan, the former Mayor of Dalyan, remembered that when he was a child, the people of Dalyan had brought salt from Iztuzu. But he had never been there. With the development of technology, easy and cheap salt was no longer anyone brought salt from there. Tufan asked the salt to resolve his curiosity, the elders described the location. The former president Tufan, who went to the described location, still found the salt in a salt-free manner. Tuzla was in an interesting place. Everyone was in front of you, but no one could notice. It was on the edge of the Iztuzu Lake at the foot of the Iztuzu Beach Facility. It didn't seem to be underwater in the winter. In the summer, everyone was heading towards the sea and not looking at it. Former President Tufan, Kaunos excavations conducted by Prof. Dr. Cengiz Isik, "Teacher I'll show you a place. Perhaps you will be interested," he took the salt. Professor of salt The light was surprised what to do with his joy. I˛˝k, "We have always searched in the wrong places. We couldn't understand that the name of Iztuzu was a tip. He asked. I would love to see the right and right here, "he said.

Iztuzu Ancient Salt Lake, one of the most important archaeological discoveries of recent years indicating that Prof Light, immediately began work on the salt. Professor Dr. This invention, which excites Cengiz I˛˝k, will shed light on the history of archeology. Because for the first time there is an ancient salt, and the bowls of the salt, despite the passage of thousands of years, remained intact. He made a superficial study of the thousands of years old ancient salt that can be used even today. The light gives the following information: "Salt pans, or salt bowls, are placed in parcels formed on the dune.