Legends Apollon - Marysyas Group The original of the work was made in the Hellenistic period. As can be seen from the Roman period Marsyas lines, these two artifacts were determined as a group today. In the relief, Marsyas is tied to a pine tree from their hands by raising their arms. Against Marsyas, a Scythian kneeling, sharpening his knife on a large stone. Meanwhile, he looks up at Marsyas standing against him. This is followed by the god Apollo.

According to mythology; Marsyas shows the audacity to enter the music contest with the god Apollo. Apollon made the best music in the race and defeated Marsyas. As a result, Marsyas' skin will swim due to her impulsive behavior, like entering the music competition with God Apollo. There is a Scythian for this task. The original of the work is I.÷. III. century. Apollonea after defeating Marsyas in the relief of the bay (Delphinios) with two crowns by Nimphe is dressed. Apollo holds the palm of victory in his hand, drinks to the cheers and celebrates the event and success.