Panagia Sümela

Sumela Monastery Frescos and Works The exterior of the cave church is adorned with many pictures, each of which is enclosed in smooth frames. Most of them are very worn, some of them have become difficult to choose. In the first part of the pictures here, the creation of the universe is included. In the second part, especially the creation of men and women, God's advice, inciting to sin, expulsion from heaven, Adam and Eve are seen. In the third chapter, the apocalyptic scene, the suspicion of Thomas, the Angel in the Grave, the First Council of Nicaea, the murder of Cain's brother Abel and the scene of the Anastasis. The first three panels of the fourth section, following them, were too devastated to be understood. Crucifix, Pentecost, the change of appearance, the appearance of Melek to Joachin, Teb˛ir, presentation to the temple and the ascension scene of Jesus follow this strip frescoes.

Even though more than half of the surface of the southern wall was poured, a hunting scene with the Prophet. After the death of the Virgin Mary was taken to the sky by the angels is pictured. Hz. Jesus 'birth, Jesus' representation in the temple, the resurrection of Lazaros; The entrance to Jerusalem north of the Absidin, Hz. Jesus was brought down from the cross, and after his death resurrection scenes were included. One of the most interesting compositions in the cave is that Hz. The fresco of Mary. After the proclamation of the Republic, the Greeks living in the region went to Greece. As a result of this, the monastery started to be ruined in a short time, the masonry sections were destroyed and the wooden sections were burned. In addition to the looting, as a result of fire and natural conditions have become ruined.