Yacht Tourism

Yacht tourism I keep dreaming of a traditional weekly yacht holiday that I will spend with my family during the summer months in the busy work tempom all year round. For me it is the most valuable week to get rid of jobs for a week, to relieve my tiredness, to get away with ideas, to get away from technology and to get rid of my shoes. Yacht holiday, people with busy working life, who want to escape from the crowd, lovers of the sea, independent of a place to stay independent of the holiday option for those who want to vacation. The hour of the yacht, there is no worries about getting a place, not worrying about decorating! The most natural and relaxed holiday, you sleep under the stars, you live together with the fish rahat. Have a swimsuit with you, a book and your dreams, you are ready for a yacht trip! Yachts are a kind of floating boutique hotels, everything you need during the whole week takes place in your boat. At that time, it comes to mind that íservice standards, fire and safety specifications applied in hotels should be strictly followed up according to the yachts. For a week I went to at least 15 different coves in the Marmaris-Gˆcek-Fethiye corridor and I saw the lowest standard of the luxury motor yachts of the highest standard in these coves. And it was impossible to ignore the standards on some of the boats.

FACIAL FACILITIES We heard from our captain about the experiences of fear and sadness in our boat which is only 500 meters away from the two yacht fire disaster that happened within a week. We followed the helicopters passing over us in a hurry and fear. The most painful of these accidents were preventable accidents. We were very confident about our own yachting because we know that every year we rented our yachts, we received more Lloyd Certificate during the construction of the shipyard.